Home loan for local government officials

France has many civil servants within its workforce, including the local civil service, these professions attached to regions, municipalities, and departments. The agent of the public service has the advantage of being well seen by the banks, in fact, the status of civil servants reassuring the lenders and even allows them to grant more attractive conditions than for an employee of the private sector. The reason being notably linked to job security and above all to the payment of salaries, the advantages granted to territorial officials may enable them to embark on a project to purchase a property.

It is, therefore, necessary to file a request with the banks specifying the nature of his project, namely the purchase of a house, an apartment or the construction of a new house. The nature of the project will make it possible to define the needs in terms of funding but also to propose a tailor-made solution for the civil servant. On the bank side, the main borrower must be a civil servant in a titular capacity or benefiting from a permanent contract. A co-borrower (spouse) can be taken into account to increase the capacity to borrow.


Which bank for a territorial official?

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Many banks offer advantages and especially exclusive offers to state agents. If some naturally position themselves as banks dedicated to civil servants (example: BFM, CSF), others will grant equally advantageous conditions without necessarily communicating about them. It is for this reason that it is strongly advised to carry out a comparison of the offers of mortgage loans to profit from the best conditions on the market, without forgetting the conditions of direct debit. Applying for a mortgage loan simulator online is, therefore, the best solution to compare the proposals.

If the rate (APR) is important, we must not forget the repayment period, the type of guarantee offered (deposit, mortgage), and choose borrower insurance. The loss of employment guarantee is often not an obligation for public officials and, moreover, territorial officials. Care must, therefore, be taken to study the financing offers and, if necessary, call on a mortgage broker offering tailor-made procedures for civil servants.


Simulate your mortgage now

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No need to schedule an appointment with an agency, it is possible to apply for a mortgage and receive several proposals now. Just use the simulation form, taking particular care to specify the information relating to the borrower’s situation but also at the level of the real estate purchase project. The steps can be taken before looking for real estate or after signing a promise to sell (or sales agreement). Note that the online simulation is completely free and does not require any commitment.

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