Credit for Dental Implants – yes its possible!

Visiting the dentist is not only uncomfortable, it can also be very expensive. Everyone wants beautiful teeth that they can show everyone with a winning smile. But the statutory health insurance companies have reduced their budget and only approve a standard amount for dental restorations and dentures.

As a result, the patient has to dig deep into his pocket if he wants to have reasonable teeth. It is not uncommon for a dental restoration with implants to cost as much as a small car, which of course not everyone can pay from the postage account. Here is a loan for dental implants in the room.

The patient and the dental implants

The patient and the dental implants

If you look at the conditions of the statutory health insurance companies, you will see that the health insurance companies have been involved in implant treatment since 2005. The amount of the grant will also depend on the bonus book. Customers who go to the dentist annually to have their teeth checked are rewarded by the health insurance. The visit is recorded in a bonus book, which increases the grant for a dental restoration.

The proportion is roughly the same as setting a dental bridge to close a tooth gap. If the bonus book was kept without a missing visit, the patient can receive up to 30% fixed subsidy. Nevertheless, there is still a hefty amount left for the patient, which most cannot pay for dental implants without a loan.

In general, however, the patient can assume that he has to pay almost all costs for dental implants, since the health insurance companies only pay for basic care. Dental implants belong to the luxury class of dental treatments.

The credit for dental implants – does the dentist loan make sense?

The credit for dental implants - does the dentist loan make sense?

Before a loan for dental implants is taken out, a cost estimate must of course be made first. The cost estimate gives a financial overview of how high a loan for dental implants will be. It is made easy for the patient. Dentists know very well what prices they offer to the patient and reduce these high costs by offering financing for dental treatment. Not so few patients are more inclined to have even more implants installed because of the funding.

If the patient is lucky, his dentist will offer a loan for dental implants without interest. Those who opt for a loan from the dentist have the convenience of not having to find another lender, but they have no comparison options. If the dentist does calculate an interest rate, the customer does not know whether it is cheap or not. For this reason, several cost estimates should be obtained and with them the individual financing.

If you want to see cheap prices for many things, you should not choose the cheapest dentist for a denture. The most expensive dentist doesn’t necessarily have to be the best. Anyone who focuses on quality offers and how often the dentist has already carried out such an implant treatment can recognize my qualification accordingly.

The patient should know that the financing offered usually has a short term. After all, dentists don’t want to wait a few years at their expense. The result of this is that the installments to be paid are high. Before you decide to take out a loan for dental implants from the dentist, your personal budget should be checked.

It should be put to the test, what rate can I easily pay and to what extent do I actually have to have the expensive dental treatment. A cheap tooth restoration doesn’t make sense. Questions over questions, which the patient should answer, however, in order to actually be able to pay a loan for dental implants. Ultimately, however, the patient has to rely on the dentist’s qualifications as to which dental treatment is the best for him.

The conditions

The conditions

If the patient would prefer to take out a loan from the bank, then it is essential to carry out a loan comparison beforehand. This can be done free of charge and shows the patient loans with particularly favorable conditions. However, he should keep in mind that the interest rate shown is not relevant for all customers. If you have a good credit rating, you also get a good interest rate and vice versa. The patient receives the right interest rate for himself only with a personal offer.

He should pay attention to the annual percentage rate, because only that has combined all the costs of a loan. But not only the interest rate is important, it should also be considered whether the contract allows free special repayments. The financial situation can change at any time and the loan for dental implants could be repaid or paid early. If no special repayments have been agreed, the early redemption of a loan will be associated with costs.

It is still important to know that the dentist offers a loan without interest, so the individual loans should still be compared. Often 0% financing can be a better choice.

The possibilities

The possibilities

Whoever decides on a loan for dental implants must have a sufficiently high income, which is above the garnishment-free limit. The bank will also query the Credit bureau, in the best case it should be clean. A permanent position is also an advantage. If these conditions are met, nothing stands in the way of a loan.

But what about the patient who has a bad Credit bureau and the bank refused the loan? There are Credit bureau-free loans that come from abroad. They are advertised by credit intermediaries. The business of these intermediaries helps the seeking customer to find a suitable loan. Usually it will be a small loan without Credit bureau, which comes from Liechtenstein. This type of loan is also called Swiss credit, since a few years ago these loans came almost exclusively from Switzerland.

In order to receive a Credit bureau-free loan, the corresponding income must be available as described above and a permanent job must have existed for at least six months. The loan amount is in most cases 3,500 USD, depending on the creditworthiness it can be 5,000 USD.

The borrower should know that these loans are a little more expensive than a conventional loan, but often the only solution to get a loan at all.

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